Shwadevee Set Book

This page contains the pages of music for Shwadevee's Set Book. Each line below links to a PDF file containing a single set of tunes. They are arranged by type of dance.


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Reel Sets

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1. Julia Delaney (Dm) ~ Star of Munster (A dorian) ~ The Banshee (G)
2. March of St. Timothy(G) ~ Golden Slippers (D)
3. Red Haired Boy (A) ~ Fisher’s Reel (D)
4. Cooley’s Reel (Em) ~ Miss McLeod’s Reel (G)
5. McMahons’s Reel or The Banshee (G) ~ Maid Behind the Bar (D)
6. Swinging On A Gate (G) ~ Far From Home (G)
7. Old Man, Old Woman (G) ~ St. Anne's Reel~ The Mason’s Apron (A)
8. King William of Orange (G) ~ Jacky Tar (Em) ~ After The Battle of Aughrim (A)
9. Sheehan’s Reel (G) ~ Morning Dew (Em)
10. Maire's Wedding (D) ~ The Rose Tree (D) ~ Rockin' Reel (A)

Old-Time Sets

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1. Green Willis (D) ~ The Growling Old Man (A)
2. Old Mother Flanagan (G) ~ Over The Waterfall (D) ~ Red Wing (G)
3. Soldier’s Joy (D) ~ Temperance Reel (G) ~ The Girl I Left Behind Me (G)
4. Temperance Reel (G) ~ Salt River (A)
5. Colored Aristocracy (G) ~ Shenandoah Falls (A)
6. June Apple (D) ~ Kitchen Girl (A)

Jig Sets

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1. Calliope House (E) ~ Cliffs of Moher (G) ~ Morrison’s Jig (Em)
2. Swallow Tail Jig (E dorian) ~ Kesh Jig (G)
3. The Rakes Of Kildare (A dorian) ~ Banish Misfortune (D)
4. Coleraine (A aeolian) ~ Road to Lisdoonvarna (E dorian)
5. The Lark In The Morning (D)
6. The Moon and Seven Stars (D) ~ Connaughtman's Rambles (D)


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1. Midnight On The Water (D)
2. Star of the County Down (Am)
3. Fanny Power (G then D)
4. Connemara Nightingale (D)
5. Ashoken Farewell (D)
6. Sheebeg And Sheemore (D)
7. Finnish Polka (Bm) ~ Morpeth Lasses (Am) ~ Haphazard Breakdown (?)

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